Welcome to DL Farms Alpacas where alpacas insinuate themselves into your heart. We are Dee, Lloyd and daughter Adria Graham and own a mid-sized farm in Bruce County, Ontario, not far from Lake Huron.

Lloyd and Dee are first generation farmers. Dee coming from North Western Ontario where she owned and showed Morgan horses while living in the town of Fort Frances. Lloyd on the other hand, grew up in the small town of Ripley but had always wanted to farm. In 1966 he bought his first farm and started raising beef cattle. The cattle have been sold but we are still raising commercial sheep (Rideau Arcott x Dorset).

The alpaca came to our farming enterprise (shortly after Dee retired from teaching) when she purchased a bred Huacaya female and male. The spell was cast and we have been drawn into a world of alpaca personalities that mesmerize visitors and we as owners alike! We have been improving our genetics by actively participating in a breed-up program—which must be working as the progeny are placing in the show ring (check out the awards section). Animal micron counts continue to decrease; crimp, amplitude and density are also visibly improving with each generation. We are actively breeding for black genetics that hold a low micron count as the animal ages.

We are pleased to offer quality animals and products for sale. The farm is open to the public and we endeavour to answer any and all questions. Full after sales support and training is included.